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Stryker units seem to be especially effective in urban areas, where vehicles can establish initial security positions near a building and dismount squads on a doorstep. [99] The Stryker relies on its speed and communications fo Die Stryker Corporation ist ein US-amerikanisches Unternehmen mit Firmensitz in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Das Unternehmen stellt orthopädische und chirurgische Implantate und Instrumente sowie Produkte zum Patiententransport her. Stryker ist an der New Yorker Börse notiert und im Aktienindex S&P 500 gelistet 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』 M1128 ストライカーMGS (M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System, MGS)は、 アメリカ陸軍 ストライカー旅団 で運用される装輪式 自走砲 である 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』 ストライカー (Stryker)は、 アメリカ陸軍 の 装輪装甲車 ファミリーである。

Der Stryker ist ein vierachsiger 8×8 -fähiger- Radschützenpanzer der U.S. Army und beruht auf dem 8×8- Chassis des Piranha III von Mowag (Lizenzbau bei General Dynamics). Er wurde im Jahr 2002 eingeführt Stryker was one of the main characters in the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, voiced by Ron Perlman. He was one of Raiden's chosen defenders of the Earthrealm alongside Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Jax, Sonya, Nightwolf, Kabal, and Kitana 日本ストライカーでは「人材」をバリューの一つに掲げており、社員一人一人が高度な専門性とプロとしてのマインドを持った「真のプロフェッショナル」を求めています。そのために必要なのは「自ら目標を定め、その達成の為に行動できる自律型人材」であること Formerly known as the Interim Armored Vehicle, the Stryker Light Armored Vehicle III [LAV III] is at the center of the Army's Interim Brigade Combat Teams. The IBCTs are lighter and more mobile, yet offer firepower no enemy can hope to match. Strykers are being deployed to units at Fort Lewis, WA. In all, six brigades will receive the vehicles William Stryker was a sergeant in the army and may have been involved in the Weapon X Program, which resulted in Logan being given his Adamantium skeleton. While Sgt. Stryker was stationed on a nuclear testing facility, his wife, Marcy Stryker, had become pregnant

Kurtis Stryker is the leader of the New York Police Department's Special Riot Control squad and a hero from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games. in MK2011 he is voiced by Matthew Mercer タイトルStryker's Unitale Pack 製作者:StrykerX Fandom ゲーム 映画 TV Wiki Wikiコミュニティ コミュニティセントラル Wikiをはじめよう 検索 ログイン アカウントをお持ちでない場合 登録 Wikiをはじめよう UniTale Wikia 29 ページ 人気の. William Bill Stryker Jr. is a covert operations specialist and military scientist. Known for his anti-mutant stance, he worked tirelessly over several decades to develop solutions to what he saw as the mutant problem. Ironically enough, he himself was part of the problem as only males can pass the mutant gene to their offspring

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  1. The Stryker ADATS is a tier 9 premium Tank Destroyer originating from United States. It can be unlocked by completing American Dreams Contract Missions
  2. ストライカー (Stryker Corporation) は、特殊な手術用および医療製品の開発・製造・ 販売会社。プラントおよびバイオロジクス製品、手術器具、神経.
  3. Stryker er en familie af pansrede kampkøretøjer der bruges af den amerikanske hær. De har otte hjul, der alle trækker køretøjet. Stryker er baseret på det canadiske LAV III kampkøretøj, der igen er baseret på schweiziske Mowag Piranha. Stryker er opkaldt efter to amerikanske soldater der modtog Medal of Honor i henholdsvis 2.
  4. Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопеди
  5. You will find all the basic Information about Stryker . Scroll down to get the complete details. We walk you through all about Stryker. Checkout Stryker Wiki Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight, Family.Get updated with us abou

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  1. Willis Stryker was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He grew up on the streets alongside Carl Lucas, his best friend and future partner. Willis and Carl were recruited into The Rivals. The gang consisted mostly of Carl Lucas, Stryker, Shades and Comanche. They engaged in many gang fights with The Diablos, a rival gang. Stryker started seeing a woman named Reva Connors, but after he was.
  2. Les Stryker (ou IAV Stryker (Interim Armored Vehicle)) sont une famille de véhicule de combat d'infanterie à 8 roues et à transmission intégrale produit par General Dynamics Land Systems, et utilisé par l'United States Army depuis 2002. C'est le premier nouveau véhicule blindé à être entré en service dans les forces armées des.
  3. Mortal Kombat9 Wiki STRYKER STRYKER 最終更新: 2011年10月18日 05:28 匿名ユーザー - view だれでも歓迎! 編集 キャラ概要 豊富な飛び道具で弾幕を張る遠距離戦キャラ。 Gun Shotの発生の速さとGrenade Tossの放物線.

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  1. ds of those around him, the possible uses of his powers are limited only by the current state of his brain: having been lobotomized by his father in order.
  2. A Stryker egyjáratú, 8×8 hajtásképletű, gumikerekes páncélozott lövészszállító harcjármű-család, melyet az Amerikai Hadsereg részére fejlesztettek ki és gyárt a General Dynamics Land Systems a kanadai LAV III járműcsalád felhasználásával
  3. Stryker je družina osemkolesnih vsepogonskih oklepnih bojnih vozil, ki jih proizvaja General Dynamics Combat Systems. Trenutni edini uporabnik je Kopenska vojska ZDA. Družina je zasnova na kandskem lahkooklepnem vozilu LAV III, ki pa je bilo zasnovano na podlagi švicarske Mowag Piranha. To je hkrati tudi prvo vozilo Kopenske vojske ZDA, ki.
  4. Jon Lloyd Stryker (born c. 1958) is an American architect, philanthropist and activist for social and environmental causes. He is a billionaire stockholder and heir to the Stryker Corporation medical supply company fortune of grandfather Homer Stryker alongside sisters Pat and Ronda. and Ronda
  5. The M1129 Mortar Carrier, is a 8×8 wheeled armored mortar carrier of the Stryker family of combat vehicles produced by General Dynamics Land Systems. It is in use with the United States Army. Contents[show] Description The M1129 Mortar Carrier, also known as MCV-B (Mortar Carrier Vehicle version B), is based on the Stryker infantry carrier vehicle, which is itself a descendant of the Swiss.

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